Construction Dispute Resolution | Payment Recovery Services

Construction Dispute Resolution | Payment Recovery Services

In the event of construction payment recovery and engineering project disputes, we work closely with Clients to identify the merits of the case and, if we are unable to avoid formal action, will advise on all forms of dispute resolution to achieve the best outcome for the Client.

We attempt, where possible, to resolve disputes without the need for formal action, using all available forms of ADR, namely:

  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Dispute Adjudication Boards

If a formal action is unavoidable, our specialist construction and engineering legal skills, together with our industry knowledge and sector experience, can be leveraged on to enhance our Client’s prospects of success.

As representatives of a party with a dispute referred to mediation, we help clarify the procedure and assist in preparing for the entire process, including drafting agreements upon successful closure.

Assisting through all aspects of the adjudication process, from notices, to presentation of the claim or counterclaim, and to representing a party during the adjudication process.

As arbitration advisers, we work in tandem with the appointed legal representative of the party in preparing a client’s case, helping to issue notices of arbitration including advice on the appointment of an arbitrator, preparation of pleadings, discovery of documents and where required, acting as co-counsel in representing a party before the arbitral tribunal.

Since arbitration is an unfamiliar process for many of our clients, we provide consultation on the process and procedures which need to be followed in detail.

In the event a Dispute Adjudication Board is established, 2C will provide representation towards the resolution of the dispute in avoiding any formal legal proceedings.