Forensic Solutions

Forensic experience you can trust, from the right experts for the dispute.

2C Consulting is committed to providing our clients with unbiased, accurate and cost-effective investigations and reports tailored to meet their specific forensic needs. We deliver high quality engineering work in the following areas of expertise:

  1. Structural Failure Analysis – Steel / Concrete
  2. Conditional Asset Assessment
  3. Technical Due Diligence
  4. Geotechnical Failure Analysis
  5. Hydraulic Engineering Failure
  6. Flood Failure Assessment
  7. Pipeline Failure Assessment

2C can also provide you with expert witness testimony as most of our consultants have extensive legal experience and can serve as expert witnesses in their respective fields.

In all our reports, we provide consulting and support for companies involved in legal proceedings through our expert witness services. Our consultants have valuable experience in providing unbiased and professional testimony in litigation proceedings.