Construction Contract Solution

Construction Contract Solution

We provide expert advice regarding construction claim solution and assist you in preparing your contracts, or reviewing any contract documentation prior to entering into the contract.

Our contract review service includes reviewing, drafting, compiling and preparing for execution of the following types of agreements:

  1. Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contracts (EPC)
  2. Design & Build / Operate Contracts
  3. Main Construction Contract – FIDIC, PAM, AIAC SFC, JKR, etc
  4. Off Take Agreements
  5. Supply Agreements
  6. Concession Agreements – BOT / PPP
  7. Sub Contract Agreements
  8. FEED Design Agreements
  9. Consultants Agreements

This includes clauses relating to payment terms, retention periods and percentages, variation triggers, compensation events and insurance requirements. We will review any restrictive covenants that the contract may impose, including all contract documentation, and complete a risk analysis as to their exposure and advise on actions to reduce the risk.

We draft clear and concise construction and engineering contracts in line with FIDIC, PAM, AIAC SFC and JKR standard form contracts, as well as bespoke contracts. We help allocate the risks in accordance with our Client’s commercial commitments and within the project’s bespoke contractual structure.

In addition, we conduct contract reviews to identify a contract’s risk profile, assisting Clients in understanding, allocating and managing the risks when:

  1. Negotiating a contract
  2. Reviewing and deciding to enter a non-negotiable contract
  3. Administering contracts

We are highly experienced in the identification, definition, quantification and control of risks and appreciate that risk management is not restricted to the early stages of a project. It is instead an on-going process over the lifetime of a project which can fit into the project finance documentation.

We offer:

  • Risk identification, analysis and evaluation
  • Preparation and management of risk registers
  • Claims risk assessment and dispute avoidance strategy implementation


To complement this service, we offer bespoke pragmatic solutions to the challenges of delivering a complex construction and engineering project. This includes a cloud-based project portal which provides Clients with easy access to project documents from any location with an Internet connection.

This ultimately facilitates collaboration, building a strong relationship and managing risk throughout a project’s lifecycle where we are part of the project team, helping you guide through the contractual minefields that may arise.

As part of our contract solutions suite of services, we provide either on the job training or in-house seminar programs to cover the whole spectrum of construction contracts. Our highly experienced consultants have undertaken the necessary training for Developers and Contractors.

Our training modules cover the areas outlined below, but are also customisable to each organisation’s operations:

  • Mastering Loss & Expense and EOT Claims
  • Mastering Set Off and LAD Claims
  • CIPAA – Its Effective Use
  • Suspension & Termination in Contracts
  • Standard Form of Construction Contract Trainings – AIAC SFC, JKR, CIDB, FIDIC, PAM
  • EPC Contract Solutions