Construction Claims & Recovery Solution

Construction Claims & Recovery Solution

The 2CConsulting aims to support our Clients about Construction Contract Claims Solutions services. when a claim is inevitable and there is a need to properly prepare claims. Our quantum and delay experts will meticulously sieve through the facts and present your claim in a manner that will provide you the maximum chance of success, ensuring that your rights are enforceable if the matter reaches a dispute.

The service covers claims preparation through the use of delay and quantum analysis techniques:

  1. Delay Analysis
  2. Quantum Assessment & Reports
  3. Expert Witness

Delays and disruptions are commonplace in construction projects, significantly increasing overall costs and giving rise to numerous arbitrations. To accurately assess for damages, coordination between those involved in the delay, and financial experts is critical. At 2C we provide solutions to our clients claims and defences through:

  1. Delay Analysis
  2. Quantum Reports
  3. Loss & Expense Claims
  4. Damages Claims
  5. Set Off Claims


Critical Path Analysis and Extension of Time Claims

In all our reports, we provide consulting and support for companies involved in legal proceedings through our expert witness services. Our consultants have valuable experience in providing unbiased and professional testimony in litigation proceedings.